Powerful Videos: A Must watch for every Christian

This animation demonstrates the after affects of long term mind control by the spirit of deception which controls the world.

What will become of America After the Tribulation? What is the Final Prophecy for the nations and people of the earth? What will happen After the Great Tribulation Period has been fulfilled?

God has called a remnant from all nations for his name. More people now then ever in history, from other religions, are calling upon the name of Jesus to be saved.

Do you have a real relationship with God, or is your relationship imaginary? Many people have an emotional or psychological relationship with God instead of a spiritual relationship with God. Watch and listen to this video and make sure your relationship with God is real.

This video may scare you if you are not living right. Be warned before you watch it. If you are following Jesus then you may not have as many nightmares from watching this terrifying Video. Only the saint of GOD will be saved. Call upon Jesus and follow him while you have time.

If you have never been serious about your commitment to GOD now is the time. It is no accident that you are here at this page reading this. Watch and listen to this video and maybe it will help you get a little closer to what you have been searching for.

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