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Powerful Testimony of a backslidden Christian

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This powerful testimony will bring hope and encouragement to any Christian who has, at some point in their Christian faith, fallen back into sin and away from God. We all face challenges and struggles in different ways throughout our lives to live obedient and faithful to God. This remarkable testimony demonstrates the amazing Grace and unconditional Love of God towards his most unfaithful, rebellious and lost children. This sobering account of a backslidden man, who strained over the years of his life to do what is right, will not only shock you with fear, but also brings hope, love and grace to an otherwise lost and worthless situation.

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Warning: This video is for Mature Audiences Only. DO NOT WATCH if you have a weak stomach or are under age. This video is to prepare you for what is coming to America in the near Future. Rev. 20:4

The Prophets of Trump

God will allow Prophets to rise up and show great signs and wonders. Many peope will be deceived by these Prophets and their Signs and Wonders. There is a Great Deception Coming so powerful that "If" it was possible even the Elect of GOD would be deceived. Deut. 13:1-3; Matt. 24:24

Ready for Tribulation
End Times Studies

Difficult Scriptures

Learn what real faith is and how to grow strong in it. Without this kind of Faith we will no be saved.

We are the last generation left on earth before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. We will see the Trumpets blow, the mark of the Beast, the Anti-Christ and the Greatest Christians Persecution in human history.

We are about to see the Greatest Christian persecution in history. Jesus prophesied this would happen. Matt. 24:9 Only those who endure until the end will be saved. I hope you are living holy and growing in Grace.

The Number one sign that we are in the Last generation is Global Deception. That is the very first thing Jesus warned us about when he told us the signs of his return. Matt. 24:4. Only those who love the truth will not be deceived.

A World leader will force a physical MARK on the right hand or forehead of everyone. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you have this mark. Anyone who receives this Mark will not be forgiven and will go to Hell.

The Bible warns us that men will come preaching a False Gospel message. Paul warned us that there would also be a false spirit and a false Jesus. 2 Cor. 11:3-4

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