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My Hell Dream (Testimony)

This was the scariest dream I have ever had where I was falling into Hell. It scared me and helped me focus on being responsible to God. I would NOT want to see my worse enemy go to Hell. That is how bad it is.

Musical Teachings and Motivation

(Mixed with Music) - This teaching is not for everyone. Very few people are able to understand this message. If you have the spirit of truth and wisdom from God you should be able to not only grasp this message but apply it to your life.

Marijuana and Faith in God

Is smoking Marijuana a sin? God Created it, right? What about its medical usage?

Rate R - Ready to Die? (Click Here)

Warning: This video is for Mature Audiences Only. DO NOT WATCH if you have a weak stomach or are under age. This video is to prepare you for what is coming to America in the near Future. Rev. 20:4

The Prophets of Trump

God will allow Prophets to rise up and show great signs and wonders. Many peope will be deceived by these Prophets and their Signs and Wonders. There is a Great Deception Coming so powerful that "If" it was possible even the Elect of GOD would be deceived. Deut. 13:1-3; Matt. 24:24

Ready for Tribulation

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